Terms of Service

The terms and rules will be accepted as soon as you register. The Rules may be modified by the Staff at any time without notice. The Staff reserves the right to block / terminate your account should any rule be disregarded.

  • In addition to rules of conduct, players should always keep in mind respect for other players.
  • How our system works:

    • – We adopted a card system, being yellow card or red card.
    • – The players that infringes the server rule will be flagged with the yellow card and his account will be marked for the rest the existence on the server. If the players receive the second yellow card that will result in a red card (BAN)
    • – In cases of severe punishment, the player will be receive directly the red card, and that results in BAN, the player will loss the access to the server (IP BAN) or just the account will be banned. The Staff will decide by the level of infraction.
    • – Whatever the ingame/offgame misconduct will flagged with red card and will result in eternal BAN.

    1 – Impersonate Player

    • 1.1 – No fraud, harassment, harassment, threats or causing distress and / or unwanted attention to other players will be tolerated.
    • 1.2 – You will not be allowed to post, fix, spread or communicate any real information of other players (name, address, photo, account name, etc.) or any other data that could harm the privacy of other players through the Ragnarök game.
    • 1.3 – No kind of rude behavior towards other players will be tolerated, including annoyance, harassment, or use of improper language with the intent of assaulting others in the game and being punishable.
    • 1.4 – Whatever the ingame misconduct that causes offenses related to the game or the forum may generate account ban.

    2 – Offenses / Inappropriate Language / Discrimination

    • 2.1 – You may not post, link, create personal stores, private chat rooms or private messages with any form of offensive or abusive language, with defamatory, obscene, illegal, racial, hateful, ethnically offensive, sexually explicit and harmful content, whether by image or by content.
    • 2.2 – You will not be able to participate or organize any kind of group in Ragnarök that is based or that has a racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, homophobic or any philosophy that preaches some kind of revolting or hateful behavior.
    • 2.3 – You may not promote any distinction, exclusion or restriction, or use language or terms that are intended to humiliate, insult, harass or disclose hatred towards other players or groups of players, including (but not limited to) on ethnic, political, religious, economic, social or cultural issues, among others.

    3 – Disrespect to Staff

    • 3.1 – Any kind of insult, offense, humiliation, or ironic / sarcastic comments to a Staff member will not be tolerated.
    • 3.2 – Any disrespect you have with a Staff member may result in punishment.

    4 – Bad conduct

    • 4.1 – Spam and flood of messages in Game Chat will not be allowed.
    • 4.2 – You may not use character abilities to impair, disrupt or hinder other players' activities, including (but not limited to) the practice of:

      - KS (Kill Steal): attack a monster that another player is killing without his permission or request, aiming to steal the experience; Exceptions are scenario bosses, titled "MVP" (note: Mini Bosses are not considered MVP).

      - Ability to Ability: Ability to block another player to torment or damage him, heal or use Buffs (such as Agility, Blessing or Magic / Sacred Shield) on monsters who are attacking other players, invoke spells exaggeratedly within cities, indirectly harming other players, arresting, weakening characters or strengthening monsters in ways that directly or indirectly harm other players.

    • 4.3 - - MvPs / Bosses: MvP-type monsters are unique to any type of contest, players are free to use the skills of their classes as they wish. The rule is only reserved for MVPs with FIXED SPAWN , where it will be clear that the use of abilities to IMPOSSIBILITY the other player to play or contest the MvP will be subject to severe punishment./ Guild.
    • 4.4 - You may not violate any local, state, national or international law, as well as regulations - both individually and in Party / Guild.

    5 – Bad Conduct - Guild

    • 5.1 - About the Clan's responsibilities: Clan is understood to mean "an association that provides assistance and protection to its members"; therefore, any irregular act of a member of the Clan within the game that benefits him as a whole will be punished with the extinction of the Guild. Any member of a Clan who benefits and / or benefits other members irregularly, directly or indirectly, even without the knowledge or consent of Clan members, shall also be subject to punishment. "Benefit" means any irregular action that gives an advantage, profit or experience to the Clan, such as a client change, bot benefit, or bot user participation.
    • 5.2 - Applicable penalty (item 12), player / clan who enters the castle during War period without a clan emblem, enters the castle during the War period without a clan, drops any type of item within the castles during the war period ( except when requested by another member when determined consumable ends for example), abusing any type of BUG or BUG item that overthrows other players generating DCs for sprite error whether in War or elsewhere, have 2 clans with the same name and emblem without alliance between them.

    6 – Name Inappropriate for Characters, Mascots or Homunculus

    • 6.1 – You will not be allowed to create any in-game identification that may be confused with IDs created or used by Staff Idun-Ragnarok Online.

    7 – Representation

    • 7.1 – Players will not be allowed to pass through any Idun-Ragnarok Online employee.
    • 7.2 – Players can not pose as other players to take advantage of third parties or to generate offenses.

    8 – Benefits for Irregular Activities

    • 8.1 – Any type of interference, hacking, or using, disclosing or benefiting from the use of irregular programs by any character (directly or indirectly) - eg BOT, duplication of items, zenys and others. - will not be tolerated.
    • 8.2 – No irregular form may be used to obtain Idun-Ragnarok Online items or coins (eg, duplicate items, provided with any client changes, abnormality of the game or any other means unknown to the team or contrary to normal game mechanics).
    • 8.3 - Failure to comply with these rules (item 8) causes the player to assume the risk of being classified as a beneficiary of irregular activity and, therefore, punishable.
    • 8.4 - Practicing WIN TRADING in Battleground (BG) is prohibited. (Any exchange of victories, or letting the other team be a champion without your actual participation in Battleground (BG) may result in punishment. The battle is to be played, won or lost, not farm.

    9 – Irregular Announcements

    • 9.1 – No ads, websites and services from other privates servers of Ragnarök Online will be tolerated.
    • 9.2 – No discussions, links, advertisements, chat / character store (players), websites, forums or groups dealing with or using client modifications, bots or other third party programs, as well as such as private servers, hack, viruses and malware in general. In addition, discussions and defense of the items listed above are prohibited.

    10 – Irregular Activities

    • 10.1 - Any type of modification will not be allowed in the Ragnarok or RagnaRock Client.
    • 10.2 - The use and processing of any character or game account through the use of irregular programs (eg BOT, Trainers, Hacks, Phase Editors, Macro Tools, auto clicks, etc.) will not be tolerated.
    • 10.3 - The use or enhancement of any character or game account through the use of BUG exploits or game anomalies shall not be tolerated. Players who are looking for BUGs in emulators to use benefit on the server will be permanently banned if they do not report the problem.
    • 10.4 - The association with other users who use irregular programs will not be tolerated, in order to benefit indirectly. In case of proven or flagrant denunciations by the game monitoring team, the punishment shall be applied to all players involved without distinction.
    • 10.5 - The BUGs found in the game should automatically be reported to a Staff present or in the forum.
    • 10.6 - The sale of items by players for real money may result in a ban on who sells and who buys.
    • 10.7 - Changing Idun-Ragnarok Online items with items from other types of games is prohibited.

    11 – General Conduct

    • 11.1 - The account is the sole responsibility of the owner, as well as the actions taken on it.
    • 11.2 - Abuses, taunts and / or behaviors will not be tolerated in order to initiate a discussion that compromises the performance of the game for others, or, adversely, the gameplay.
    • 11.3 - The sale of items in NPCs by mistake, exchange of items by mistake, purchase of items are common or ROPs, no money will be returned or even exchanged or returned in any case. Each and every item is the responsibility of each player. They also involve borrowed and non-returned items, items stolen by another player due to non-account password care or disclosure of same to the clan or other members. Staff members will under no circumstances retrieve items or search for items in other accounts. The player who insists may suffer Repeat.

    12 – Recidivism

    • 12.1 – The recidivism system will work as follows:

      01 warning is equivalent to account lockout for 01 day;

      02 warnings are equivalent to account lockout for 01 week;

      With 03 warnings, account and / or IP banning may occur.

      Depending on the severity of the problem, direct account banning may occur, such as creating riots, provocative PMs generating bad publicity from Idun-Ragnarok Online or Staff. Depending on the situation, Staff may change the recidivism.